How Does Olivia Dunne Get Paid? The Truth About The LSU Gymnast And TikTok Star’s Outlandishly Charmed Life

LSU gymnast-turned-TikTok star, Olivia Dunne, shed light on the impressive earnings she has garnered by leveraging her image for huge paychecks.

Olivia Dunne (also known as Livvy) is an American college gymnast, who achieved remarkable financial success through her TikTok videos. Her athletic skills and massive online following caught the attention of various brands who made partnerships with her to promote their products.

Dunne is part of the gymnastics team at Louisiana State University. Her journey to success started when the NCAA altered its policy. Previously, college athletes were prohibited from capitalizing on their brand through endorsements or other means of financial gain. However, with the policy change in 2021, Dunne seized the opportunity to monetize her image.

By signing with WME Sports, which also represents renowned athletes like Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, Dunne secured her status as a millionaire athlete with an estimated $3 million net worth.

8. How Did Olivia Dunne Become Famous?

Olivia Dunne AT 2022 ESPY Awards held at Dolby Theatre

Olivia Dunne, also known as Livvy, grew up in Hillsdale, New Jersey. Her journey in gymnastics started at the age of 3. Recognizing her exceptional potential, her mother homeschooled her at 14, enabling her to focus on her gymnastics training. Guided by her coach Craig Zappa at ENA Gymnastics, Dunne dedicated her days to rigorous practice and honing her skills.

Dunne went to college at Louisiana State University in 2020, where she became a member of the esteemed LSU Tigers gymnastics team. However, the unforeseen pandemic shifted Dunne’s trajectory as she turned to TikTok as a platform to showcase her exceptional gymnastics skills.

Initially, her videos captured her doing gymnastics by the beach, but she soon ventured into the realm of influencing. This transition propelled her into the mainstream, captivating a vast audience with an impressive following of 7.4 million on TikTok.

7. How Does Olivia Dunne Make Her Money?

Olivia Dunne wearing a black dress and posing for a photo

Olivia Dunne effectively capitalized on the introduction of NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) contracts through her impressive social media presence and following on TikTok and Instagram. Her affiliation with WME Sports in 2021 has proven instrumental in her success, earning her an estimated amount exceeding $1 million.

WME Sports Agency played a vital role in securing lucrative collaborations for Dunne with renowned fashion brands such as Forever 21 and American Eagle. According to Forbes reports, Livvy Dunne’s contract with Vuori is in the “six figures,” further solidifying her prosperous ventures.

6. How Much Does Livvy Dunne Make On Tiktok?

Livvy Dunne during the 58th Academy Of Country Music Awards at The Ford Center at The Star

Taking into account Livvy Dunne’s impressive level of engagement, substantial follower count, and the number of hearts per video, current estimates suggest that she has the potential to earn anywhere between $4,427 to $7,378 for a single TikTok video. It’s worth noting that as her follower count continues to expand, this figure is expected to rise even further.

5. How Much Is Olivia Dunne’s Net Worth As Of 2023?

Livvy Dunne during the 58th Academy Of Country Music Awards at The Ford Center at The Star

Olivia Dunne’s current estimated net worth stands at an impressive $3.3 million, as calculated from her earnings in 2022. Among college athletes benefiting from NIL opportunities, she ranks second, with only LeBron James’ son, Bronny James surpassing her, and she even surpasses the likes of Arch Manning in this regard.

4. How Much Does Livvy Dunne Make In NIL Deals?

Olivia Dunne posing for a photo on a red carpet

According to the evaluation of one of the sports industry experts, On3, Olivia Dunne’s NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) value is at an astounding $3.5 million. This increase is particularly noteworthy, considering that her value stood at $2.6 million just a few months prior, in December 2022.

3. How Much Does Livvy Dunne Make Per Instagram Post?

LSU Star Gymnast Olivia Dunne Posts Patriotic Video At NASCAR Race: ‘My Pronouns Are USA!’

According to reports, Livvy Dunne has the potential to earn a staggering amount ranging from $31,900 to $43,200 for a single sponsored Instagram post. During an interview on the Full Send Podcast, Dunne was asked about the largest payment she had ever received for a sponsored post. While she refrained from disclosing exact figures, the Instagram star confirmed that it exceeded six figures. “I usually don’t ever talk about money, but I would say six figures.”

When the hosts specifically questioned if the amount fell below $500,000, Dunne shook her head, affirmatively nodding when asked if it surpassed the half-million-dollar mark. “Yeah, yeah, I’m very fortunate. It’s just crazy to me.”

2. What Are The Brands That Sponsor Livvy Dunne?

LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne poses for a sponsored photoshoot with active wear brand Vuori Clothing

In August 2021, Livvy Dunne signed with WME Sports for representation, which set the stage for her burgeoning brand partnerships. In September 2021, Dunne proudly announced her exclusive collaboration with the renowned activewear brand, Vuori, marking her first significant brand deal.

Following this initial success, Dunne continued to secure more long-term contracts with prominent brands, expanding her portfolio of endorsements. Notable partnerships include American Eagle, PlantFuel (a company specializing in protein and supplements), and Bartleby (a study tool and homework aid designed for college students, owned by Barnes & Noble).

In addition to these sponsorships, Dunne has also engaged in various one-off collaborations. She has forged partnerships with cosmetics brand TooFaced, food delivery service GrubHub, popular video game franchise Madden/EA Sports, and the innovative Nate app. Furthermore, she recently collaborated with the renowned fashion brand Forever 21 for their Barbie clothing line, further solidifying her presence in the fashion industry.

1. Livvy Dunne’s Clapback To The New York Times Earned Her A Spot For The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Campaign

How Does Olivia Dunne Get Paid_ The Truth About The LSU Gymnast And TikTok Star's Outlandishly Charmed Life

In November 2022, Livvy Dunne boldly confronted The New York Times for publishing a column with the headline, “New Endorsements for College Athletes Resurface an Old Concern: Sex Sells.” To illustrate the article, the NY Times featured a photo of Dunne in her LSU leotard.

Dunne shared the same photo on her Instagram Stories with a thought-provoking caption: “Is this too much?” while tagging the publication. Her courageous response would lead to an incredible opportunity as she was featured in the highly sought-after Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in May 2023.

Speaking about the experience, Dunne revealed to Fox News, “I guess it caught Sports Illustrated’s attention, and then they were like, ‘We loved that you clapped back at The New York Times since they’re so major.'” Despite becoming a prominent figure and after her rumored hook-up with singer Morgan Wallen, Dunne remains selective and chose to work with those that align with her message and resonate with her followers.

Livvy Dunne firmly believes that individuals should not be held responsible for others’ misbehavior. Expressing her viewpoint, she stated, “You can’t control how you look, and I feel like a girl is not responsible for a boy’s bad behavior, especially if you’re in a leotard. Because I knew that if the roles were reversed and let’s say they went into the football facility and took a picture of one of the boys without a shirt on, they would never put a giant headline, ‘Sex Sells.’ They just wouldn’t. It’s because I’m standing there in a leotard.”

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