Angel Reese’s surprising response when asked about restraining incident with coach Kim Mulkey

Kim Mulkey didn’t go quietly after being expelled from the court following protests

Angel Reese's surprising response when asked about restraining incident with coach Kim Mulkey

LSU’s impressive 81-36 victory over Northwestern State was overshadowed by coach Kim Mulkey’s surreal expulsion from the touchline.

Mulkey was particularly animated over the course of the game and struggled to contain her frustration after the referee penalized her players on several occasions. It was after Aneesah Morrow was pulled up for a foul that Mulkey began to express her discontent with the refereeing decisions.

Angel Reese’s surprising answer when asked about restraining her coach

And just a few debatable decisions later, the coach was finally sent to the stands for her protests… and it’s fair to say that Mulkey- absolutely fuming with the official- didn’t go quietly.

In fact, in her state of pure rage, Mulkey stormed onto the court to make sure the referee knew exactly what she thought. In a video filmed from the stands, the coach can actually be seen being held back by LSU star Angel Reese. It was a surreal moment, that surprised those fans at the game.

“It was actually kind of fun,” said Angel Reese when asked about what she thought about having to restrain her coach during the incident. “We both have similar personalities and we both like to win no matter the score and of course she’s going to fight for us and we’re going to fight for her. So, that moment was fun because we know she’s got our backs and we’ve got hers”.

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