Aside Travis being good with balls he sure is a man that knows how to love, professes to taylor “not to quote you or anything, babies or no babies you are everything i could ever wish for”. No, but it’s literally them, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift ✨💗

I don’t know about going out tonight, but I also know I can’t stay at home for the next few months either. There needs to be a balance with how I take care and rest with living my life. That’s why we are hitting SNL after dinner at Nobu. It will sort of be our “coming out” as a couple, so it is a big deal in my book.

Now people will know that neither one of us is single anymore, and it will put a spotlight on us. The spotlight is something I’m used to, but Travis hasn’t experienced it like this before. I’m terrified that the added attention is going to make him pull away from me and realize that he can’t do this after all. That would break me, I don’t think I could ever recover from that.

“Beautiful? Are you ready to go” Travis says as he walks into the bathroom where I’ve been getting ready. I’m wearing a black two-piece that shows a little skin with an oversized jacket. “Damn you look good” he grins as he looks me up and down. “Good enough to eat” he bites his lip and I swat his arm.

“I’m done, let’s get out of here,” I say and kiss his lips with a quick Peck before moving around him. But he grabs me by the waist and pulls me to his chest.

“Why do you keep making me fall more in love with you, it’s annoying” I grumble before my eyes widen with what I just said. I wasn’t ready to say those words, but they slipped out of my mouth.

He has wide eyes too for a moment before he breaks out into a big smile, cups my face, and dives into my mouth. The heat of the kiss takes the pressure off the words I let slip because the passion says it all, he loves me too. Which is fucking terrifying?

When he pulls away, he is still holding my head like I’m his most precious possession “I love you too” he says loud and proud, and I can’t stop more tears from flowing.

“You love me? How can you love me when I’m such a mess” I sniffle. There are better options out there, people who could give him peace, but he is stuck with me because of the babies. I’ve fallen in love with him fast, but how can it be mutual when I feel like I’ve trapped him?

“Beautiful, listen to me,” he says and wipes my cheeks. “I love you because of your big heart, your kindness, and how you’re exactly what I never knew I needed in my life. I’ve been stumbling through relationships, never really getting it right, but it feels like I have with you. Not to quote you or anything, but you’re my endgame, Taylor. Babies or no babies, you are everything and anything I could ever wish for.”

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