Shaquille O’Neal Snubs Niece Angel Reese, Bestows Caitlin Clark With Ultimate Honor

If you’ve been keeping up with NCAA basketball, then you know that there’s been chatter that Angel Reese wouldn’t like. After all, her biggest rival, Caitlin Clark was close to making NCAA history. She finally did so, making the all-time NCAAW DI scoring record with 3,528 points. The record was previously held by Washington’s Kelsey Plum.

The news made it to Indianapolis where Inside the NBA is covering the All-Star game. Shaquille O’Neal had the highest praise for the Iowa star. “I’m gonna go on the record and say she’s the best female collegiate player ever,” he said even shocking his co-hosts.

Charles Barkley differed in his opinion and named other female basketball players who could contend for that title. But Shaq doubled down, “I said what I said.” To be fair, Barkley was also over the moon after Clark made that record and was heaping the praise on her.

Some predict Clark’s achievement could be a blow to Angel Reese who addresses Shaq as her uncle. He’s elevated her to LSU’s GOAT and has been a mentor to her throughout her college career. That doesn’t deter Shaq from praising Clark’s stellar achievement. Others think she might be spurred to match or break that record herself.

Eight points away from the record, Clark accomplished that early into the game against the Michigan Wolverines. Shaq said he’d been following her since last year and believes she is “phenomenal.” He’s not alone in that opinion.

Magic Johnson and Angel Reese agree with Shaquille O’Neal

Another Lakers legend, Magic Johnson has been in Caitlin Clark’s corner since last season. When she made NCAA history with her 40-point triple-double record, he proclaimed she had surpassed himself, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird. The 5x NBA champion was ecstatically congratulating her this time too.

Some fans used this opportunity to taunt Angel Reese, assuming she’d feel salty over Clark’s accomplishment. That is far from the case. The Bayou Barbie, who was Shaq’s first signee as the new president of Reebok’s basketball division, beat ‘Uncle Shaq’ to hype her biggest rival. The Inside Guys read out Reese’s post on X during the broadcast. “Congratulations @CaitlinClark22 KEEP BREAKING RECORDS & MAKEING HER-STORY!” Reese wrote.

Almost a year after the “You can’t see me” debacle, a lot is made about Reese and Clark’s rivalry. However, both have used it to make the sport more thrilling. Reese admitted that there’s more to their rivalry than it seems. They’re able to compete and “still be cool after, regardless of the outside noise.” She might not be too hurt that Shaq has named Clark the best. He’s even said Reese is better than himself after all.

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