Taylor Swift celebrated the end of 3 shows in Australia, but the most special thing was when she sent a message to Travis Kelce that made millions of fans’ hearts melt.

“You were on another LEVEL,” Swift wrote to her fans in an Instagram post on Sunday celebrating her Melbourne tour stop

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performs at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Feb. 16, 2024. PHOTO: GRAHAM DENHOLM/TAS24/GETTY

Taylor Swift is saying so long to Melbourne!

The “You’re Losing Me” singer, 34, posted a carousel of images on Instagram on Sunday from her first three shows in Australia, held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, as she thanked her fans for coming out to see her.

“Melbourne, what do I even say to you after over 288,000 of you came and danced with us in the last 3 nights ??!” she wrote in the caption of the post. “That was unforgettable. You were on another LEVEL. Thank you for the memories. I’ll revisit the ones from this weekend often 🥲🫶.”

Swift will begin a run of four shows at Sydney’s Accor Stadium on Feb. 23, so she’s not done on the continent just yet.

Taylor Swift Says 288,000 Melbourne Fans Watching Her Eras Tour Shows Is 'Incredibly Nice': You Are the Love of My Life'

Taylor Swift performs at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Feb. 16, 2024.GRAHAM DENHOLM/TAS24/GETTY

During her last show in Melbourne, Swift treated the crowd to a rare mashup of two of her deep cuts — “Come Back…Be Here” from Red and “Daylight,” which is the final song on her 2019 album, Lover.

She performed another mashup, featuring “Getaway Car,” “August” and “The Other Side of the Door,” during her second show in the city on Saturday night.

 Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Surprise Songs: The List So Far

Amid her three-night Melbourne run, hundreds of Swift’s Australian fans found a permanent way to show their dedication to the singer.

VC Ink Tattoo Gallery shared a post on social media ahead of her shows to let fans know they had Swift-inspired tattoo designs featuring lyrics and motifs inspired by Swift’s expansive music catalog.

Taylor Swift Says 288,000 Melbourne Fans Watching Her Eras Tour Shows Is 'Incredibly Nice': You Are the Love of My Life'

Taylor Swift performs at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Feb. 16, 2024.GRAHAM DENHOLM/TAS24/GETTY

The shop’s designs were inspired by some of Swift’s most popular songs, including the Red breakup ballad “All Too Well” and “Cruel Summer” from Lover.

Other tattoo shops in the area also got in on the Swiftie fever taking over the city, with one offering a “flash tattoo” event during which fans lined up to get inked with artwork inspired by Swift.

Travis Kelce’s reaction when Taylor Swift changes lyric for him melts fans’ hearts

Taylor Swift made huge gestures of love toward Travis Kelce during her concert, including a massive lyric change. The bombshell moment left Travis in total disbelief and shock

Taylor Swift changed the lyrics of one of her most-loved songs during the latest show in her Eras Tour for a very special guest in the audience – her new boyfriend Travis Kelce. And based on the American Football legend’s reaction, he was extremely moved by the sweet gesture.

Travis flew out to Argentina to attend his first public concert since their romance began. All eyes were on the athlete, who sat in the VIP tent next to her Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift, as he danced the night away. However, as the show reached its conclusion, Taylor had an extra trick up her sleeve.

Instead of singing, “Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me,” the songstress sang, “Karma is the guy the on the Chiefs,” in reference to Travis’ football team. As realization settled over the crowd, everyone cheered for the new couple.

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Travis Kelce and Scott Swift    Travis Kelce and Scott Swift

As soon as Taylor sang the lyrics, her father’s head snapped to look at Travis who processed what just happened only moments later. A grin spread across his face and his cheeks turned a rosy red. The NFL player attempted to cover his face as he laughed with joy before proceeding to continue grooving to the song.

The night only got better when Taylor got off stage. As she finished waving at her fans, a smile across her face, she spotted Travis waiting for her backstage. She immediately bolted into his arms, giving him a kiss smack on the lips. Of course, Travis reciprocated, pulling her close. This act of public love finally confirmed to Swifties the romance that’s been teased for months.

Travis Kelce   Travis Kelce

Fans were quick to analyze the clip, obsessed with the new relationship. “Scott is really finally living his dream, he found his new bff,” wrote one fan. After all, Travis and Scott were seen at dinner with Taylor just the night before. When Scott made his way into the VIP tent on Saturday, he was actually wearing a token of support for Travis. Around his neck, he proudly displayed a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard — a contentious decision considering he is known to be a major Philadelphia Eagles fan.

“My lips are hurting from smiling ear to ear Jesus Christ and her dad was there?? Golly,” wrote another fan. A final fan added; “Look how Travis blushed like a school girl, so adorable.”

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